My poetry and painting page's.




My joints
they are
My eyes
they can
My mind
it is vast.
My jaw
from groove.
-to fathom
I happened.
from you.

To lie, be honest, or avoid,
It all can work or fail.

Whichever comes from love, I say!
Whichever brings a greater peace, I weigh!
But not to me
No no, not for me,
for they!

My reoccurring sweet,
(how rotation brings back spring)

In a needful course,
the earth and I revive ourselves.

At once, we are rotation,
With you in the chimes
and I in the breeze.

I swelled in her stomach
I swelled with her love
It was the wisest I have ever been
Now i’m of her nature
I know a polished love
If anyone thinks anything of me
It is because of her
And i’ll think it was me
That is the brilliance of her

I held her in a dream, with arms wrapped around her backbone
A dream with arms shaped of a bed
I felt the light turn off, in this dream with no head
This dream without knee’s to ever be reborn again

Dreams with no limbs, are for certain whims

A mans bout with dreams, is a mans unfolding mean’s
You two are a team, interchangeable, the same

Life’s but a bow to the indivisibility of love without frame
When loves on the floor, you cannot pick it back up

I have fallen off our rosy moon
But surely i’ll take flight!
How else would I have gotten there?
I’m afraid it was her reach

My baby
Insisting still to dream,
So nest on me
Cradle you deathly
Till your eyes land,
I don’t know where
Everything is here.

My sweet comings,
I have never felt my heart like this before
Like my heart, you’re no different.
So tender, so rhythmic; reliant on my breath.
I can see you with all the light the world can hold
Like the lover sun, transcending over it’s darling earth,
You’re no different.
Your sweet lucent life has well-lit mine
I can feel our little flying atoms fusing
And it makes me cower.

I don’t want you to be captured,
like what sky does to light.
Turning it simple and blue.
We must ask,
What does the sky ask of night?
To come gradually and swimmingly
If someone asks this of you, ask them to die.
Only when the night runs out,
May love hurt you, the right way, without guilt or appease.
I must ask,
How does one care for you lightly?
I care like lightning, for you

You’re the loveliest thing to me
Cell by cell, every bit of you, starred.
You’re very comparable to cosmic-awe

I read my past writing’s, and for an instance,
the dog I am, becomes the dog I was.
From that line to this time, I can be old.
Some people don’t think much of narration

But look at the jump I created

Infactuations come with mystery
Reality is not so, so slippery
When wisdom spills on top of both
Mistery mister meet your growth

So easily I fall
To nothing at all

There is no better word I know than your name
Dogs and birds; Bark and chirp, and all I do is say your name
I promise you my voice like no one else, your name
I’m thankful for letters and speech and you
Refer to my voice for floating magnified meaning